Welcome to Montpellier!

Every year, the University Institute of Technology of Montpellier-Sète welcomes over 100 international students in a variety of academic disciplines from all over the world! Participating in this university exchange in the beautiful south of France is an incredibly unique experience that can benefit not only your education, but your professional future as well. This university understands the value of studying or working abroad, in fact 1 in 10 I.U.T students will spend time abroad either studying or completing an internship over the course of their studies.

The experienced and passionate staff at the International Services office are here to support international students before and after their arrival at the I.U.T. you can find their contact information on the right side of this page (emails in English are welcome).

What can I study?

At the IUT Montpellier-Sète, you can study different fields which are :

  • Chemistry
  • Biological engineering
  • Applied Physics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer Science

The Three Programs

The IUT welcomes a plethora of international students as well professor-researchers and administrative staff every year through different programs:

  • Exchanges : bilateral and ERASMUS+ mobility agreements.
  • ADIUT national network with specific countries (China, Vietnam, Gabon, Peru, Mexico, Chile…).
  • As an individuals

The IUT Montpellier-Sète has signed bilateral agreements with over 50 different universities and can receive students from these institutions in their corresponding departments.

After having been nominated by their home International Relations Service and, upon agreement, students should apply on-line though Moveon, our online administrative platform. The link and the dates for application will be communicated to the nominated student from our International Office shortly after being accepted. At the same time, students shoud prepare their Learning Agreement and have it validated by their tutor at the home university.

We will not process applications submitted after the deadlines or without the home university validation

Every year, our IUT welcomes students from Angola, Chile, China, Gabon, Mexico, Vietnam, and more! They are recruited by ADIUT according to international agreements.

The International Relations Service is here to help the students settle into their new personal and academic environment, giving them the necessary administrative and logistic support, while the teaching departments set their academic framework. The DU PFST (University Diploma –Preparation of a Scientific and Technological Education in the French University Institutes of Technology) is a one academic year diploma that aims to facilitate foreign students’ integration into the French IUT technological programmes in the industrial and service sectors. It also allows the students to adjust to both the French university education system and the cultural and economic environment. Once they recieve the DU-PFST diploma, the student will begin their DUT studies.

For individuals who will directly enroll, they will follow a similar enrollment process to the one outlined in the Exchange Students tab:

  1. Submit the necessary materials to your home university to apply to be accepted to the I.U.T international exchange program
  2. Be accepted to the I.U.T program
  3. Enroll on the online administrative platforms (Moveon)
  4. Fill out the educational enrollment documents (Learning Agreement)

If interest in enrolling individually is expressed to our International Relations department, staff will be in contact with individuals and their corresponding international services office to facilitate the international exchange program.

About Our Team

The International Relations team is made up of personnel from all departments at the I.U.T who are there to assist students every step of the way. The staff shares three main objectives:

  • Inform: students and staff of the various opportunities to further your studies abroad at the I.U.T.
  • Assist: students and staff in navigating the administrative and bureaucratic processes of the I.U.T, and to keep you informed of your responsibilities.
  • Coordinate: with international exchange programs to facilitate students’ excellent experiences abroad.
  • Director of All International Relations-Related Projects: Stéphanie METZ
  • Head of the International Relations Office : Vanessa DEWEER
  • International Officer : Emilie-Marie Hornus

10 International Relations Correspondents (by department)

Chemistry-Montpellier: Céline FABRE

Chemistry-Sète: Nicolas LOUVAIN

Biological Engineering: Catherine GOUCHAULT

Physics: Lucyna FIRLEJ 

Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computer Science: Marie-Claude ARTHAUD-GILLET and Eva LEGRAIS

Computer Science: Irène LARRAMENDY

Enterprise and Administrative Management: Laurence COLANGE

Techniques in Marketing: Françoise CHATON

Student Life

For more information on the day-to-day life of an international student at the I.U.T including information about housing, transporation, and finances, click here