DUETI Advanced Materials


To experience a fascinating interdisciplinary training in the field of physics and chemistry of new materials for advanced technologies.

The training provides :

  • Introduction to methods of numerical simulation of materials and devices;
  • Understanding of the principles of physics and chemistry of advanced materials;
  • Ability to chemically synthesize, characterize, model, and apply innovative materials;
  • Ability to critically analyze scientific information ;
  • Understanding of the technical and economic evaluation of a project ;
  • Ability to integrate into a professional organization and develop ethics and responsibility;
  • Strengthening the skills necessary to work effectively and efficiently in a team.​

The training fits the needs of many industrial sectors :

  • energy generation and managing,
  • telecommunication,
  • sensing,
  • optoelectronics,
  • chemical industry,
  • biomedical applications ,
  • metrology

Unit 1.Physics and chemistryofadvancedmaterials.

  •      Material science, Physics of semiconductors, New carbon materials, Thermodynamics of porous and divided materials, Mathematic methods for sciences.

Unit 2. Characterization tools.

  •      Chemical characterization, Crystallography, Ultrasonic characterization,  Imaging, microscopies and spectroscopies, Molecular modeling, Numerical simulations of electronic devices.

Unit 3.Applications ofadvancedmaterials.

  •       Renewable energies: green electronics and photonics, Biophotonics, Introduction to Nano-Engineering, Materials for photovoltaics.

Unit 4. General knowledge.

  •        FLE/Scientific English, Comparative business Environment France/Europe/USA, Statistics &Financial Mathematics, History and Philosophy of Sciences.

Unit 5 . Research project.

Thefirstsemester ofstudiesis universal for all students. It consists of lectures, repetitions and laboratories taught by an advanced multinational and multidisciplinary instructional team.

Thesecond semester brings the student in close contact with the environment of a research institute in academia or in industry via the creation of a research project, chosen from the list of proposed projects and internships. The project is finalized with a public presentation at the University of Montpellier in June and evaluated by an international jury.

Students canenroll simultaneouslyinto DU and one of the L3 programs of University of Montpellier (Physics, Chemistry or Electrical Engineering EEA), and validate 60 ETCS credits to obtain European L3 level of higher education.

Whocanapply ?
French and foreign students having validated 2 years (120 ETCS credits) of academic programing in sciences.

All courses are taught in English, so proficiency in English isrequired.
The program is not providing scholarships.

Wheretoapply ?

Applications should be send by e-mail to program coordinators :

      • Lucyna Firlej – Email
      • Jeremie Torrres – Email

Students who validated the DU and the total of 180 ETCS credits can apply to any Master program in material sciences.
We recommend 3 master programs in material sciences located in the south of France:

  • Master in materials science exploring large scale facilities MaMaSELF :www.mamaself.eu;

The first students will be enrolled in September, 2019.


IUT International Relation Office
+33 499 585 021


Jérémie TORRES

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