International Lab for lEarning

The ILE is a Learning Lab dedicated to innovative learning with an international focus. The International Laboratory for lEarning, located in Building A, offers different workspaces in an adaptable environment of around 100m², just a short distance from the Academic Library (BU) and the Language Centre (SDL). 

This space is designed for everyone at the IUT Montpellier-Sète, whether they be students, professors, or administrative and technical staff. 

The ILE is made up of 3 main workspaces with different atmospheres and compartments in order to work and learn in different ways:  

  • a Studio area /Workshop
  • a Mini-conference area /Meeting
  • an Office area /War Room

The ILE also provides different cutting-edge equipment and technologies for animation and hybridisation, including: 3 giant interactive screens on mobile equipment, video conferencing systems, 360° video recording,virtual reality headsets, etc.

The ILE project offers educational engineering support to assist with designing and implementing all types of teaching or educational activities linked with Innovative or International Learning.