Chemistry in Montpellier

Chemistry is present in all different business sectors and can constantly be applied in our everyday lives. The subject plays an essential role in the health, cosmetics, transport and food-processing industries. From a sustainable development perspective, it also contributes to reducing pollution from human endeavours. Our Chemistry department welcomes around 200 students each year, spread between the University Bachelor of Technology (B.U.T) and the two vocational Bachelor degrees (licences professionnelles): 100 1st-year DUT students, 70 2nd-year students and 30 vocational Bachelor students.

In order to train students, the education team is made up of professors, 4 technicians and 1 secretary. A varied teaching staff: 4 university professors, 11 lecturers, 5 secondary school teachers, 1 temporary research and teaching fellow (ATER) et 4 supervisors.

Chemistry in Sète

If you’re interested in chemistry, regardless of the field (petrochemistry, chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutics, energy production) and you feel affected by environmental issues (water treatment; quality control for air, water and soil), join the Chemistry Department at our Sète Campus. Here you will find a welcoming work environment with a purposefully small number of students (200 students across 3 years) which helps provide an excellent quality of training and a more personalized assessment. 

Chemistry in Sète Department Website (in French)

Biological Engineering

A great choice for your future projects! In choosing the Biological Engineering Department (at the IUT Montpellier-Sète) and its short and selective courses offering a wide range of career opportunities, you are sure to receive high-quality technical training regarding cutting-edge methods and tools used in the field of biology. You can find the list of courses on offer within the IUT’s Biological Engineering Department below. 

Our aim is to train students to become technicians and executives who are ready to enter the field and capable of evolving to fit new economic and technological requirements: Qualified technicians (B.U.T), Engineers’ assistants (Vocational Bachelor’s).

Biological Engineering Department Website (in French)

Applied Physics

The Department of Applied Physics offers a fascinating multidisciplinary course leading to a thriving job market with opportunities in all industrial fields, including the most prestigious and most satisfying. Qualified technicians work in close collaboration with engineers. They design tests, which they then perform and analyse. They conduct tests and other samples before reporting back to the engineer. They also sometimes work with other technicians, either as backup or to delegate tasks, or other workers in order to make any mechanical parts or electronic circuits necessary for conducting the test.

Benefits of the course include: multidisciplinary courses that strike the perfect balance between theoretical and practical training. Guaranteed professional integration after graduation. Further studies for over 90% of our graduates. Work-study programme available for the 2ndyear of the course providing students with the opportunity to gain a year of professional experience.

Electrical Engineering and Automation

The GEII department provides students with a joint specialisation: Electrical Engineering and Automation. Industries and services have considerable needs in terms of energy, telecommunications and automation. We offer training in a wide variety of subjects with a well-balanced curriculum: scientific, technological and people skills that are all assets on the job market.

GEII Department Website (in French)

Computer Science

Computer science: An up-and-coming field! The IUT’s Computer Science department trains students for careers in computing and technical support in order to best meet companies’ needs. Examples of intended professions include: Web application developer, online game developer, database administrator, network and security administrator. Our goal is to train technicians and executives who will be fully equipped and capable of adapting to companies economic and technological needs. Furthermore, thanks to the fundamental  theoretical knowledge they will have acquired throughout the course, students can pursue further short or medium-term studies.

Computer Science Department Website (in French)

Business and Marketing

The Business and Marketing (TC) Department provides two and three-year courses preparing students for positions where they are qualified to collaborate with marketing departments within industrial or trading companies (marketing, sales, distribution, international trade) and craft businesses. Some students choose to start their own business or take over an existing one. 

Business and Administration

Professional integration in management. The aim of this course is to ensure that students can fulfill leadership positions in organisation management: companies in the public and private sectors, administrations, public authorities and associations.

GEA Department Website (in French)