Come and discover a new way of studying! An internship in a different culture is an undeniable advantage for your future projects and endeavours! This section is also for professors and administrative staff: thanks to the IUT, you can travel abroad to complete further training or to teach at one of our partner universities!

Our aims

  • Informing: Whether you are a student or a staff member at the IUT, we are here to provide information about the different opportunities for travelling abroad depending on your field of study or position at the IUT and whether it be for studying or for an internship.
  • Providing support: We also help you in establishing your mobility project. The International Office will guide you through the administrative procedures and inform you of any educational or professional obligations to consider.
  • Coordinating: The International Office is in charge of coordinating all the IUT’s international exchange programmes (Erasmus+, ADIUT, bilateral agreements).

The International Team

A team of 13 people is involved in the International Team at the IUT Montpellier-Sète, supporting international students before, during and after their mobility.

  • Head of International Relations: Céline FABRE

The International Office:

  • International Office Manager: Stéphanie THIESSE
  • International Coordinator (outgoing study mobility) : Maria VILLAUME
  • International Coordinator (trainee mobility & incoming study mobility) : Charlotte POUDEVIGNE

International representatives in each department:

Chemistry Montpellier: Elodie GIOAN


Biology: Catherine GOUCHAULT

Applied Physics: Lucyna FIRLEJ

Electrical Engineering: Eva LEGRAIS

Computer Science: Simon ROBILLARD

Business and Administration: Daran HARRIS

Business and Marketing: Nancy RODRIGUEZ (Outgoing study mobility) & Michèle PELOFI (Incoming study mobility)