Language centre

The Language Centre, or SDL (in French:Service Des Langues) organises English classes for five teaching departments and German, Spanish and Italian classes for all students at the Montpellier Campus.

Classes are taught by permanent professors and visiting international professors in both regular classrooms and multimedia rooms. 

Training uses innovative learning tools in order to best meet our students’ needs regarding all different language skills: they learn skills for everyday communication, specialised vocabulary depending on their field of study and become acquainted with each country’s professional and academic cultures. 

The SDL brings together all the IUT’s teaching departments regarding projects and events such as Movember, Speech Battles and English Day.

It is located on the first and second floors in Building A (next to the BU Academic Library). 

Willkommen! // Welcome! //¡Bienvenido! // Bienvenue! // Benvenuti!