University diplomas

The University Diploma for International Studies in Technology (in French:Diplôme d’Université d’Études Technologiques Internationales)

This diploma is based on a strong international partnership and a willingness to develop skills that are not purely academic and will facilitate students’ professional integration in the future:

  • A third-year undergraduate programme. 
  • The whole programme is completed abroad.

Initial training abroad

Presentation and Goals:
This diploma allows students to gain skills in keeping with a third-year undergraduate level and relating to their field of study, in both academic and professional environments abroad. Students also learn multidisciplinary skills stemming from international mobility: bilingualism and communication, the ability to transfer skills, being adaptable and independent, mobility, integrating to new environments, showing initiative…

Course structure:
All the fields of study covered in our DUT courses.
The IUT and the partner university determine the course content together, it is then approved by an Education Commission (in French: Commission Pédagogique) within the relevant teaching department.
Students take the course in a foreign partner university and are supervised by the teaching department from their DUT course. 
Course length: one academic year.
Students then pass the course upon their return in France by submitting a report and doing an oral presentation. 

How to apply:
Students must be enrolled at the IUT Montpellier-Sète to apply.

To apply, please contact the academic coordinator of your study department. 

Student profile:

DUT graduates.
Students are selected based on their student records (which are examined by their teaching department).
Students receive 60 European credits (ECTS) upon earning their degree.

Further studies:
Master’s degrees Engineering schools, Business schools…

Careers and opportunities:
In any of the sectors covered by the DUT courses. 

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University Diploma in Preparation for Scientific and Technological Training within French IUTs 

(in French: Diplôme Universitaire de Préparation aux Formations Scientifiques et Technologiques des IUT Français)

A multidisciplinary course to help foreign students find their footing in the French higher education system and cultural and economic environments through quality administrative support and academic monitoring.

Presentation and Goals:
The University Diploma “in Preparation for Scientific and Technological Training within French IUTs” (inFrench:diplôme d’université “préparation aux formations scientifiques et technologiques des IUT français”) aims to help the integration of foreign students within our IUT courses, in the manufacturing and service sectors.
The goal with this diploma is to ensure foreign students’ successful integration during their first semester studying for a technological degree at a French University Institute of Technology (IUT).
From welcoming students at the airport to helping with administrative procedures, each IUT that is home to a DU PFST centre implements support systems for foreign students in keeping with the course’s requirements. The warm welcome and quality support we provide makes up for the culture shock that foreign students from all continents can sometimes feel upon their arrival.
After the course, students you have passed will graduate from a French IUT.

Course structure:
The DU PFST course is made up of 3 course units:

  • UE 1: French as a foreign language
  • UE 2: General knowledge and university culture

Zoom: cultural focus – Discovering the campus on-site in order to become better integrated: visiting the city, discovering the local economic and participating in sports and cultural events. 

  • UE 3: Science and Technologies

Methodology, guided self-study, and multidisciplinary skills complete the course content. 

How to apply:
Applicants are selected based on individual interviews held by a commission from the ADIUT network (in French:Assemblée des Directeurs d’IUT, Assembly of Directors of IUT), made up of IUT staff (professors, DU PFST coordinators, heads of departments, IUT Presidents), who focus on 3 main criteria: 

  • Academic level: as an example, applicants from China must have achieved aGaokaolevel in their studies, which would allow them to access first and second-tier universities in their province. 
  • Language skills: students’ levels in French (level A2 or B1 depending on the course) are assessed during the interview. 
  • Motivation: the applicant must be able to explain their career plan and academic projects for their studies at the IUT. 

Student profile: Foreign students from outside the European Union (mainly from Asia)
The list of chosen applicants is announced by a jury once applications have been assessed. 

Further studies:
DUT courses

Careers and opportunities:
Manufacturing and service sectors in Asia. 

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