A word from the IUT Director

Welcome to the IUT Montpellier – Sète !

Established 50 years ago, with its 2,200 students, the University Institute of Technology of Montpellier is one of the University of Montpellier‘s schools.

We provide high quality training (175 permanent teachers and 550 visiting professionals, executives and engineers) to help you get an University Bachelor of Technology (B.U.T) or a Vocational Undergraduate Degree known as a “Licence Professionnelle”.

Every year, we strive to maintain and improve the quality and diversity of the courses on offer. To make our courses more appealing to both students and professionals, we have developed a quality initiative within the IUT, which led to an ISO 9001:2015 certification for all the supporting structures, starting with 4 vocational undergraduate programs. Our aim is for 80% of our vocational undergraduate programs to be granted the certification.

Our priorities are:

  • Developing good quality courses with increasingly efficient technology. We make sure to renew our teaching materials and modernize our technical equipment in order to keep up with technological innovations.
  • Opening up to the corporate world. To do so, we have created a technology lab within the IUT, inspired by FabLab, with digital machines, 3D printers, Laser cutting, an electronics workshop and a collaborative workspace. This space is open and accessible to all students as well as any companies wishing to partner with the IUT. We also organize an IUT-Entreprises forum every year, during which companies can advertise their internship opportunities and meet with our students. This year, we organized our first “create a company” competition. Our policy is to promote work-study programs, with 13% of our students partaking in work-study programs. 
  • Operating with an international outlook. We have also developed a large partnership network with both foreign universities and companies. Thus, students can choose to do an internship or to continue their studies abroad.

The knowledge acquired throughout their courses, along with the ability to adapt and evolve, are the main strengths possessed by graduates from our DUT and vocational undergraduate programs. According to a study by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP), 96% of company CEOs consider our courses to be “ good” or “very good”. In addition to conventional initial training, the IUT Montpellier-Sète also offers the opportunity to study for a BUT and/or a vocational undergraduate degree as part of a continuing education program, work-study program or even by passing exams based on knowledge acquired through professional experience.

The IUT Montpellier-Sète offers a rich and varied course catalogue. You will undoubtedly find the perfect course that will enable you to flourish within our Institute.

See you soon at the IUT Montpellier – Sète

Matteo Valenza, Director of the IUT Montpellier-Sète