University Bachelor of Technology (B.U.T.): Business and Administration (GEA)


Understand the economic and legal environment of organizations, business management at the financial and human resources levels.

Master accounting and fiscal techniques. Analyse businesses’ financial performances.

At the IUT Montpellier-Sète, we offer 3 study tracks for theB.U.T in Business and Administration:

  • GC2F : accounting, fiscal and financial management
  • GEMA : management, entrepreneurship and administration
  • GPRH : Human Resource management and administration

Classic Teaching

Full-time three-year course, divided into six semesters, for atotal of 1 800 hours.

You will earn180 E.C.T.S. credits during the course. 

The course is taught in the form of lectures and tutorials. Students are graded based oncontinuous assessment. Students gain experience in professional situations through internships, projects and multidisciplinary activities.


22 to 26 weeks as an intern during the 2nd and 3rd year.


600 hours working on projects throughout the 3-year course.

You develop various skills over the course of the B.U.T in Business and Administration.

Across the three study tracks:

  • Analysing the organisation’s processes within its environment 
  • Using management and decision-making data aids 
  • Coordinating stakeholders’ relations

GC2F Track:

Analysing accounting, fiscal and social information, private and public accounting as well as implementing analysis and forecasting tools for business activities.

GEMA Track:

Designing strategy for creating economic value and guaranteeing the value chain management and development.

GPRH Track:

Managing staff administration and human resource development.

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