University Bachelor of Technology (B.U.T.) Chemistry – Montpellier Campus

The Chemistry Department at Montpellier provides both a theoretical and practical  education, mainly aiming to equip students to become qualified technicians, who will be engineers’ or research scientists’ direct co-workers, in all application fields of chemistry: research, development, production, analysis or control. It is also a great stepping stone towards further studies.

At the IUT Montpellier-Sète, we offer three study tracks for theB.U.T. in Chemistry – Montpellier Campus

  • Analysis, quality control, environmental chemistry
  • Synthesis
  • Materials and formulated products

Initial education

Three years of full-time education, split into six semesters with a total of 2000 hours of lessons.

Students earn180 E.C.T.S. credits throughout the course.

The course is taught through both lectures and tutorials. Students are graded based oncontinuous assessment. They are placed into professional situations thanks to internships, projects and multidisciplinary activities.


22 to 26 weeks as an intern, spread out across the 2nd and 3rd year.


600 hours dedicated to projects across the 3-year course.

You will develop an amount of different skills over the course of the B.U.T Chemistry – Montpellier Campus programme:

  • Analysing liquid, gas and solid samples.
  • Synthesising molecules.
  • Creating materials and/or formulated products.
  • Producing intermediate compounds and end-products.
  • Managing a chemistry laboratory or a production floor.
  • Controlling Environment, Health and Safety standards.

Please contact the International Office:


Vanessa DEWEER
Head of the International Office
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