The Governance structure at IUT Montpellier-Sète comprises :

The Chair of the IUT Council : Philippe OUTREBON
The Director : Mattéo VALENZA
The Deputy Director in charge of Human Relations/Management/Education and Student Experience : Gilles FRONTIN
The Deputy Director in charge of the Budget : Nadia LAKHCHAF
The School’s Administrative Director : Justin CHAREYRE
The School’s Deputy Administrative Director : Laurence VOYARD


International Relations: Céline FABRE & Geoffroy LESAGE

Corporate relations: Philippe COMBETTE

Lifelong learning: Christophe PALERMO

The IUT Council decides the IUT’s main objectives, votes on the budget and elects the IUT’s President.

It is composed of elected representatives:

  • Students,
  • Professors,
  • Administrative and engineering staff members (including librarians, technicians, medical and service staff),
  • External figures.

The IUT Montpellier-Sète is home to 8 departments of study.

You can find a full list below: