Study track: Environmental Analytical Chemistry (ACAE)

The objective of thevocational Bachelor’s degreeis to train students for a new level of qualification, ranking between technician and senior technician. The ACAE degree aims to train middle managers in environmental chemistry, specifically with enhanced skills in the instrumental methods of chemical analysis.

Thanks to the Vocational Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, you can become a true expert in different fields and learn how to:

  • Lead a team, supervise technicians and laboratory technicians,
  • Communicate with production services and the accrediting bodies,
  • Set up a means of preparing samples,
  • Determine the ideal conditions for qualitative and quantitative analyses,
  • Process statistics based on data in order to validate the use of particular methods,
  • Interpret data based on the normative and legislative context,
  • Suggest technical solutions in order to provide a better quality analysis,
  • Undertake and supervise equipment maintenance, ensuring their efficiency through quality assurance,
  • Provide written and oral reports of your work,
  • Be part of a team and show initiative.

The aim of the course is immediate professional integration (with some pursuing vocational Masters).

Different sectors:

  • Water treatment plants,
  • Environmental analysis laboratories,
  • Research departments


  • Pollutants in the air, water and soil,
  • Expression – Communication – English,
  • Analysis techniques,
  • Statistics – Quality – Metrology,
  • Instrument engineering.

The course is divided into 5 units:

  • Analysis and techniques,
  • Management and communication,
  • Pollutant management, treatment and analysis,
  • Project: discovering the environmental issues surrounding a drainage basin (Thau lagoon) and measuring the impact of human activities on this fragile yet original area.

You will earn 60 European credits (ECTS) upon graduating from this degree.

Work-study programme

A one-year contract.

18 weeks of lessons and 34 weeks working within a company.

The schedule for the work-study programme is as follows: 2 weeks working within a company, 6 weeks of classes, then full-time work from mid-February.

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After the course:

71% of graduates wishing to enter the workforce find a job within 6 months of graduating.

18 months after graduating, 82% of graduates wishing to enter the workforce find a job, 50% of which will be open-ended contracts.

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