Study track: Embedded Systems (LP SE)

This Vocational Bachelor’s degree (LP) aims to train versatile supervisors who have mastered the fundamental principles of both electronic engineering and automation. They can fulfill tasks involving embedded systems’ design, prototyping, production and maintenance. 

  • Electronic Engineering: Proficient
  • Automation: Proficient
  • Local Area Networks: Intermediate
  • Computer-aided design (CAD): Intermediate

Sectors: Embedded systems, robotics, aeronautics, space, automotive, medical, food processing, mobile phones, mainstream electronics, home automation, etc.

Careers: Supervisor for industrial, method, industrialisation, production and research projects, control, quality, business manager, etc.

Examples of missions and projects undertaken whilst working for companies:

Examples of different projects:

  • Conducting a comparative analysis on batteries,
  • Adapting a bistable circuit,
  • Conducting market research for optronic systems used to help with aim,
  • Conducting studies on LoRa communication and the LoRaWAN network,
  • Conducting a comparative analysis on audiovisual integration automatons,
  • Conducting technological studies on remote sensors (LiDAR sensor).

Examples of professional projects:

  • Designing a test bed for managing Lithium-ion batteries,
  • Making an imaginary circuit breaker,
  • Developing a tactical vest,
  • Designing a network for exchanging agricultural and climatic information.

Different internship fields of activity:

  • Optronics – Intelligent sensors,
  • Medical equipment,
  • Data acquisition / data recovery devices,
  • Drones,
  • Vehicles – Motor racing,
  • Electrical transmission,
  • Telecommunications.


  • Design/CAD
  • Embedded systems software
  • Embedded systems materials
  • French/English communication
  • Sensors/actuators
  • Corporate environment
  • Project supervision

Start date: October.

Length of the course: 12 months.

  • Total amount of classes: 437,5 hours (excluding refresher courses)
  • Projects: 140 hours
  • Professional internship: 34 weeks (excluding holidays)

Students can pass the metallurgy qualification certificate for “embedded systems technicians” (in French:Certificat de Qualification Paritaire de la Métallurgie de « Technicien en électronique embarqué », CQPM n° 0285) upon graduating from the course.

Work-study programme:

  • Monthly work-study schedule: on average, 1 week spent in class (at the IUT or AFPI training centre) – 3 weeks working for a company.

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