Study track: Management and energy efficiency in construction (GEEB), Plus-energy buildings* 

*in French: BEPOS or “bâtiment à énergie positive”

This Vocational Bachelor’s degree (LP) is a work-oriented course which allows students to earn a degree in energy control, in particular, the use of renewable energy in construction. The aim is to reequip and renovate detached houses, apartment blocks and buildings for the service sector for efficiency purposes (rational use of energy). This specialisation focuses not only on providing designs, diagnostics and advice, but also on commercialising, coordinating, implementing and using innovative and economical energy solutions. 

  • Configurating dialogue systems for technical management in construction or centralised technical management.
  • Understanding the basics of hydraulics.
  • Identifying heat sources in order to calculate heat pump sizes.
  • Using architectural tools for bioclimatic construction.
  • Calculating electrical installations’ sizes. 
  • Making the most sustainable energy choices and applying the correct regulations and most suitable labels to both professional and private environments (buildings in compliance with heating regulations RT2012 or RT2020, ecodistricts,…).
  • Calculating the correct sizes and choosing the most suitable equipment in order to increase a building’s passive and active energy efficiency.
  • Taking part in conceptual design and calculating sizes for cogeneration at the preliminary design stage. 
  • Being able to suggest a wood energy heating solution. 
  • Designing, installing and implementing smart home equipment, ensuring its continuous improvement.
  • Choosing the elements that make up a photovoltaic energy production line.
  • Buildings’ heating and electrical systems designer
  • Supervisor for technical review projects in research departments, architecture firms or local governments,
  • Department or urban renewal supervisor (installation, renovation, building use or maintenance)
  • Smart device installation in the construction industry
  • Thermal diagnostics and certification manager 
  • Sales representative, Adviser or Engineering assistants in the aforementioned fields


  • Energy performance and efficiency
  • Project management – Communication – English
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic energy
  • Energy policies-Environment
  • Electrical engineering and electronic sensors
  • Bioclimatic design
  • Centralised technical management
  • Energy maintenance and management
  • Hydraulics
  • Wood energy
  • Heat pump
  • Cogeneration

Classic training:

Classes (450 hours) are divided into 7 course units or UE (as well as a refresher course in science):

  • Energy and the Environment
  • Energy management
  • Thermal energy
  • Businesses/English
  • Production systems and energy management
  • Projects

You will earn 60 European credits (ECTS) credits upon graduating from this course.

Work-study programme:

This is a one-year programme starting in mid-October. Students alternate between one week in class and three weeks working for a company, for a total of  12 weeks of training and 38 weeks of work.

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After the course:

Survey conducted over the last four years:

  • 63% of 2018 graduates had found a job within 6 months and,
  • 68% of 2017 graduates had found a job within 18 months.
  • 30 months after graduation, 70% of 2015 graduates were employed.

Graduates from the GEEB Vocational Bachelor’s degree (LP) can pursue careers such as:

  • Heating engineer, equipment seller and/or supplier,
  • Technical advisor or assistant engineer,
  • Supervisor for departments such as methods, maintenance, urban renewal projects, renovation or heating… in the following fields: research departments, architecture firms, local governments, sales and supply, manufacturing, installation, thermal diagnostics and certification companies…

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