Study track: Payroll, work time, staff administration

The aim of this Vocational Bachelor’s degree is to train students in Human Resource Management (HRM), specialised in wage payment, from writing paychecks to creating social audits.

  • Understanding an organisation’s environment and one’s role within it
  • Mastering HRM tools and techniques
  • Managing organisations
  • Participating in professional activities (projects and internship)


  • Motivation for management positions
  • Thoroughness
  • Analytical mind
  • Interest in numbers 
  • Interest in corporate and administration pour la vie des entreprises et des administrations
  • Good written and oral communication skills

The aim of this course is students’ immediate professional integration after graduating. 

Positions:multidisciplinary HR assistant, Payroll director within the Human Resource Management team (in a large company or public authority). Head of social management (in a chartered accountancy agency). Administrative manager (in a temping agency). Deputy director (in a regional small or medium enterprise or industry).

Course content:

  • Environment and behaviour: analysing multidisciplinary projects, behaviour (individual and as a team), English.
  • Basic social management tools:  payroll accounting (for employees), social law, payroll and staff management software.
  • Learn new skills: conflict resolution, corporate foresight, negotiation, time management, administrative and training management, computer management.
  • Implications for company management: company directors’ salaries, management control in HR, English (further studies).
  • Specific environments: HR in the public sector, strategic HR management, staff management in the sales sector.

Work-study programme:

This is a one-year course that starts in September.

Work-study programme between the IUT and a company: 3 days working within a company and 2 days studying, for a total of 15 weeks at the IUT and 34 weeks in a company throughout the year.

You will earn 60 ECTS credits upon graduating from this course.

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After the degree:

Survey amongst the graduates from 2017/2018, upon graduating:

  • 72% had found a job,
  • 20% were enrolled in further studies,
  • 8% were looking for a job.

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