Study track: Retail sales adviser – Banking

This one-year Vocational Bachelor’s degree (LP) prepares students for careers as sales advisers in banking and insurance.

The course has been certified under ISO 9001: 2015 standard. 

Retail sales advisers have to learn numerous skills in order to be able to complete the following tasks in an omnichannel customer advice context:

  • Managing an agency’s everyday activities,
  • Analysing customers’ needs,
  • Informing, directing and advising the customer,
  • Managing customer finances,
  • Negotiating and selling financial products and services,
  • Analysing and managing risks linked to customers’/agencies’ activities,
  • Managing evolutions both in the field and in regulation.

Sales consultants in banking and insurance (mostly customer advisers or assistants within the retail market).

These jobs require specific professional and regulatory certifications.

Firstly, this degree also provides graduates with the following certifications:

  • Training on the French law on consumer credit (in French:LCC or Loi Lagarde),
  • DCI training (in French:Directive Crédit Immobilier,i.e a mortgage credit directive),
  • Level 1 ACPR (the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority or Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution, an independent banking and insurance monitoring authority), 
  • Level 1 IAS (training insurance intermediaries), 
  • Level 1 IOB (training financial intermediaries for banking activities),
  • Level 1 CIS (training in collective investment schemes).

The IUT Montpellier-Sète can also issue the following certifications during the course: 

  • Fight against money laundering / Financing terrorism (Lutte contre le blanchiment / Financement du terrorisme or LCB/FT)
  • International sanctions  (OFAC or Office of Foreign Assets Control)
  • LCC or Loi Lagarde

Lastly, preparation for the Financial Markets Regulator (in French: AMF orAutorité des Marchés Financiers) exam is also provided as part of the course. 


  • Customer Relationship Management and sales negotiations
  • Banking and insurance products and services
  • Taxes, property and consumer rights
  • Personal finances, risks and guarantees
  • Mathematics, accounting and financial analysis
  • Financial markets and stock market transactions
  • Preparation for the Financial Markets Regulator exam (in French: AMF orAutorité des Marchés Financiers)
  • Conformity
  • Marketing
  • English banking vocabulary
  • Project methodology
  • A 12-month work-study programme involving 17 weeks at the IUT and at least 35 weeks working for a company.
  • Teachings by university lecturers, along with at least 25% of classes taught by visiting professionals.
  • You can earn 60 European credits (ECTS) upon graduating from this course. 

Course length:

  • 1/3 at the IUT (classes: 17 weeks)
  • 2/3 with a company (internship: at least 35 weeks).

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After the course:

Professional integration rate: 90%, mostly in the French Occitanie region(average of the last three surveys conducted 30 months after graduation)

Average salary: 1770 €(average of the last three surveys conducted 30 months after graduation)

Professional integration rate after graduation (2/3 of the year group had already found jobs by the end of September, most of which were open-ended contracts) :

  • Customer assistant for a bank or insurance company.
  • Sales or Customer Adviser within the retail market.
  • Sales representatives or receptionists at a bank or insurance company.
  • Account manager within professional and business markets.
  • Sales support in insurance.


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